How will we make an impact?

Sir Robert Menzies attached great importance to creating opportunities for learning. He also worked incredibly hard to build Australia’s reputation on the world stage.

At the Menzies Foundation, we want to re-imagine and reawaken his vision for a strong, knowledgeable Australia. We have a 40-year track record of backing outstanding Australian leaders, and we will continue to support future leaders and build their capacity to create a better, healthier and smarter Australia.


Menzies Foundation priority areas:

Leadership in our schools:

  • Enhance the leadership capability in the education sector by investing in school-based education leaders to dramatically improve student learning outcomes
  • Build a leadership platform to develop a cohort of school leaders that gives them the opportunity to continue to develop their own leadership capability
  • Codify this journey to identify key levers to build leadership capability and work with partners to design systemic interventions to build leadership capability across the education system.

Entrepreneurship in science:

  • Raise awareness of the importance of support for Australian entrepreneurial science and technology start-ups
  • Enhance understanding across the sectors of opportunities, barriers and impediments
  • Support entrepreneurs to successfully go-to-market through an incubator network, and resourcing pipeline to enable start-ups to scale
  • Codify and capture the learning and insights for this program and share broadly to support the sector

Complex global legal issues:

  • Identify the most pertinent global legal issues for the country and use this analysis to raise the profile of the importance of this issue
  • Create opportunities for the legal professions and others to build expertise in responding to these global challenges so that the legal community can take a leadership role in supporting international rules of law
  • Build a community of interest in partnership with law firms, business, government and others to share insights regarding the issue across the community


Like our namesake, we're committed to supporting leadership initiatives that grapple with issues that are germane to Australia’s future. With all three of our new focus areas, we aim to seek new knowledge, support innovation and build collaborations for catalytic change. 

In line with the new strategic direction, we're adopting a venture and catalytic model of philanthropy, which focuses on creating and nurturing partnerships to create systemic change. To do this, we're building a platform for partnerships and collaboration which will harness expertise and resources for significant social impact.

A stronger, more informed and knowledgeable Australia – this is what the Menzies Foundation continues to strive for.