Science entrepreneurship

The challenge:

In Australia, it is well documented that it is difficult for entrepreneurial scientists to set up newly established firms seeking to commercialise science-based, new-to-market inventions. Those that do manage to establish new firms then experience higher than normal failure rates.

Menzies Foundation reply:

Like our namesake, we're committed to supporting leadership initiatives that grapple with issues that are germane to Australia’s future and with that lays commitment to raising the profile and importance of support for Australian entrepreneurial science and technology start-ups.

Key Objectives:

  • Support outstanding science entrepreneurs in the early stages of commercialization to take their enterprises to scale
  • Improve Australia’s innovation performance by helping aspiring scientists to build their entrepreneurial competencies and collaborate more with industry and the broader innovation system
  • Anchor a collaborative partnership to build a greater understanding of what helps and hinders Australian science start-ups and share these insights to contribute to knowledge regarding the opportunities, barriers and impediments in Australian science entrepreneurship

Based on the concept of the world leading Talent Investor, Entrepreneur First, the Menzies Entrepreneur Fellowship program is Australia’s first science “Talent Investor” pipeline, and will support talented scientists to develop an idea and start a company to have a lasting impact.

Menzies Science Entrepreneur Fellowship Program

We are delighted to announce a partnership with CSIRO, Australia's largest science agency and creator of the ON Accelerator program. Three fellowships will be offered per annum, valued at $90,000 each, enabling scientists to translate their research to commercial outcomes, particularly those projects that are in the early stages of commercialisation.

Furthermore this program will offer a key focus on improving Australia’s innovation performance by helping research teams build their entrepreneurial competencies and collaborate more with industry and the broader innovation system to understand and address global challenges, with ON designed to fast-track Australian science and technology into real-world impact.

Together with CSIRO, the Foundation will provide teams with experienced Facilitators, Mentors, Experts and tools to teach and develop skills, during and after their program.

Applications are to be made online by completing the application form

View: 2020 Application Guidelines